Congratulations Pringles! You Did It!

Everyone loves Pringles. But one thing I’ve always felt that they lack is consistency.  When I eat a Pringle, all I ask for is that each bite is as delicious as the last. No dud bites! Is that so hard?!

Well worry not Pringle lovers, because Pringles have embarked on a new campaign to ensure that each pringle is so lovingly flavoured and checked over that each one is equally as delicious as the last. Who would have thought that a multi milion dollar company that mass produces its snacks in huge factories could achieve such a thing?


Now all they need to work on is their ‘recyling nightmare’ packaging – which apparently consists of so many different materials recycling plants give up on trying to seperate it all and just send it all to landfill. Great. Now I feel like a bad person for buying them.

Anyway, here’s Pringles latest advert letting us all know that we can stop having nightmares about the dreaded ‘bad’ Pringles you always come across.

Isn’t it charming?! One of the things I love about it the most is the way that it’s been made so it can be translated into all the different languages seamlessly without you noticing because no one in the advert actually talks, apart from the voiceover man unconvincingly pretending to be one of the men whispering in the advert. Anyway – if you share in this guys unbridled joy about the latest Pringles revelation please don’t feel any shame in jumping up and down/doing a celebratory dance/alienating all your friends.

As the whole point of this blog is that I actually get to eat snacks I decided to do some testing in the name of flavour science. Here’s my pack:

Exhibit A – a tube of Pringles

I chose salt and vinegar. Always a crowdpleaser, but I did feel a slight pang of guilt having strayed from sour cream and chive, which is a bit of a cult favourite. I chose ten crisps at random (not really, I took them from the top of the pack, sue me) and ate them. Here’s my analysis:

Crisp #1 Nice

Crisp #2 Nice

Crisp #3 Nice, I’m getting into them now

Crisp #4 Nice

Crisp #5 Nice, that one was quite tangy, but it was still delicious so I don’t think Pringles have failed at this point in the mission

Crisp #6 Nice

Crisp #7 Nice

Crisp #8 Nice, I shouldn’t be eating this many crisps at 10:45 in the morning

Crisp #9 Nice

Crisp #10 Nice, I’ll put them down for now but might return very soon

So in conclusion, I think Pringles have really pulled it off. The whole time I was eating I was scared I might get a rotten Pringle, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Great flavouring coverage here, a joy to look at and even better to eat

I’m going to congratulate them on Twitter now because I can only imagine the overworked and underpaid marketing intern who is just waiting to hear a bit of praise about how they’ve revamped the Pringles brand!

In all seriousness though – love Pringles. The only thing I can’t decide is do I love salt and vinegar or sour cream more.

The Verdict

Snack Score – 8/10

Price – £1.50

Retailer – Sainsburys. I mean it’s Pringles, you don’t have to look far

Recyclability – Not good man, not good


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