Lucky Charms Treats Bar

What says deliciousness better than a king size artificially flavoured marshmallow bar?


I love Lucky Charms. I’d eat anything with Lucky Charms in it. I love how when you leave the cereal in the bowl for too long it turns the milk and unappetizing grey/green colour. The sickeningly sweet flavour that borders on saccharine. The unnatural flavourings and additives that be won’t go into here.

Anyway, we took a day trip to Crawley today and yeah…its OK…but one thing they have in their favour is an amazing sweet shop which sells all kinds of american sweets, pick n mix and sweets by weight.

The bar in all it’s glory

I couldn’t resists the Lucky Charms Treats Bar, which is kind of like one those cereal bars you get in the UK with the weird white chocolatey fake milk stuff on the bottom, rice krispies, melted marshmallow and lucky charm pieces.

The weird fake milk stuff

This bar is really delicious and it’s only 200 cals, which isn’t too bad! Nice chewy texture, lots of lucky charm bits and a fairly big bar too. Bigger than what you’d get in the UK anyway.


A good little sweet treat which I ate on the train home. It might actually give me an excuse to go back to Crawley, if nothing else..

The Verdict

Snack Score – 8/10

Price – £1.69 (not sure how much in the US).

Retailer – I bought mine from an independent sweet shop in Crawley, but I’m reliably informed by my sister that these can also be found in Poundland and Poundstretcher if you’re lucky


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