Dairy Milk Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp

So I’m late to the party with this one but OH MY GOD. LOOK AT IT! This boy is my dream chocolate bar and I’m so proud that Cadbury have gone with it. So proud!

My husband

A couple of days ago I reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter which is so disappointing. Cadbury have redeemed themselves with this hunk of deliciousness. It’s got it all! Let’s go through the plus points:

  • It comes in a HUGE bar. I’m a fatty (obviously, I’m blogging about snacks) but even I couldn’t sit and devour this whole thing. There’s enough for the whole family! Yay!
  • It’s got peanut butter with proper peanut bits! Not some gross peanut butter flavour made in a factory.
  • It’s got caramel gooey pockets.
  • It’s got lovely little crispy bits to add even more texture to the bar. I love me some texture.
  • It’s got little peanuts on it! So adorable!
The bar is more gooey than this, but I had to keep it in the bloody fridge!

So for lunch today I made myself some ultra healthy veggie burgers and then sat down with this in front of Homes Under The Hammer and got stuck in. I’m unemployed at the moment (again, I’m blogging about snacks, so what else do you think I do?) so this was basically the highlight of my day.

I was immediately impressed with the look and size of the bar, and as it’s packed full of delicious filling every bite is a bit different so it’s a nice surprise each time.

The lunch of champions

As the weather in the UK is so disgustingly warm and humid at the moment I had to store this bar away in the fridge to ensure it didn’t get too warm. I wasn’t best pleased about this as I feel like you never get the full taste sensation when chocolate is cold, but nonetheless this was SUCH a tasty bar and it might be even tastier at room temperature.

I really hope this bar isn’t one that disappears from the shelves anytime soon because I think I’d rather buy this than any other chocolate bar out there. If I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s like a combo between a Toffee Crisp and a Reese’s Cup.


Let’s conclude, shall we?

Snack Score – 8/10 (Maybe 9/10 if the fridge wasn’t involved)

Price – £2.00

Retailer – Tesco superstore, but I’m sure this will be available in smaller shops soon



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