Cocon Mango Pudding

I found this little gem in the international section of our big Tesco supermarket. I love the international aisle because there’s always such a wealth of new and exciting products to be found, and you can always find grocery staples like coconut milk and big bags and spices for less than half the price of UK brands.

Mango goodness

​These are really nice little jelly-ish puddings with a milkky mango sort of flavour, with chunks of coconut gel inside for a bit of a harder texture.


One of the best things about these little puddings are they are only 60 calories each. The pots are quite diddy but it’s enough to give you a satisfying dessert after a big meal and they’re perfect for summer with their lovely tropical flavours. They’re also veggie friendly, which is always nice to know when you’re eating a jelly like product.

The coconut chunks

I think this is a really nice dessert if you enjoy these type of flavours. And it’s the real deal. This mango pudding has been imported all the way from Malaysia!

The Verdict:

Snack Score – 6/10 A nice flavour, but the mango jelly is quite subtle and didn’t set my world on fire.

Cost – £2.00

Retailer – Our local Tesco superstore stocks these in the international aisle

Calories – 60 per pot


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