Fulfil White Chocolate and Cookie Dough Vitamin and Protein Bar

I had such high hopes for this bar. Not only is this a treat for my sweet tooth, I thought naively, its also healthy – with 20g of protein!

Attractive packaging, a nice sweet aroma on opening. It was all going well.

I should mention I purchased this in Waterloo station on the way to my parents house. With an almost two hour train journey ahead of me, I needed sustenance, and this bar called out to me. There were other flavours in this range, including another cookie dough variety. But its safe to say I won’t be trying them.

Nobbly bobbly

At first bite you think ‘what is this strange, bitter taste?’. Eating this bar is not pleasurable. It’s a kind of faux-sweet taste (which may be due to the low sugar). Couple that with the overly chewy texture of this bar and you feel like you’re eating some kind of medically prescribed sustenance bar.

I don’t regularly eat protein bars as I don’t want to make the same mistake that Regina George made, but maybe they all taste this gross. Surely not?!

(N.B Regarding the above point, my boyfriend tells me yes,all protein bars taste gross, why would I think a protein bar would be nice? Well, I think I’m justified in believing that because the flavour sounds delicious AND these bars were nestled amongst all the other normal chocolate bars in WHSmith. He says I should remove this post because its slanderous but I refuse)

Also don’t eat too many of these guys as they act as a laxative

The Verdict:

Snack score: 1/10

Cost: £2 and bloody 30p! London prices eh!

Retailer: WHSmith Waterloo

Calories: 195cal


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