Cofresh Cornflake Mix

Another find from the international section of the supermarket – Cofresh Cornflake Mix. I love a bit of Bombay Mix as an evening snack with a glass of wine, so it’s nice to see a different variation on this theme. You get a nice big bag too, so perfect for nibble with friends.

It’s corn flakes, but not as we know them

So are they nice? Yes, in a way. There’s lots of different bits as you would expect with a product like this, including the aforementioned corn flakes, peanuts, dried peas, something that tastes like fennel and I also found what looked like a rogue raisin in my mix. I’m going to assume it was either an overcooked corn flake or a mistake. Raisins are not welcome here, there, or in ANY of my food thankyouverymuch.

One thing I would say about this product is that it delivers the right amount of spice. Not too much – it doesn’t leave you in pain. The flavour is nice too, but a little on the sweet side to me. It’s a bit odd, because your get to the end of your portion of the spicy corn flakes and you can see small granules of sugar at the bottom of your bowl. It’s a bit weird, but I guess it might work for people who like that salty/sweet combo.


Overall I would say I liked this product but the corn flakes being spicy and not in a cereal bowl covered in milk was a little bit offputting.

The Verdict

Taste Score – 5/10. There’s something weird about sugar in your bombay mix
Cost –  £1.99
Retailer –  Large Tesco stores
Calories – One 30g serving pictured above is 163 calories



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