Candyland Chewy Nougat Bar

I’m more of a chocolate person than a sweeties person, but I saw this bar today in Wilkinson’s and thought – you know what? I’ve been my whole life without trying this stalwart of the sweet aisle. Let’s give it a go in the name of science.

There’s nou-gatting away from how bright this packaging is

This 35g bar doesn’t include much description but you know, it’s nougat, we all know what it is. One half is white, the other pink, and peanuts are embedded throughout the bar. It’s also important to note this bar isn’t vegetarian, as it contains beef gelatine. (WHY!? Can’t they find something else to give it that weird texture?!)


Anyway this bar was so sweet it gave me a headache. And I’m obsessed with sweet things so I literally never say that. I think it’s just that the bar is basically pure sugar (the ingredients are glucose syrup, water, sugar, beef gelatin, a bit of coconut and a bit of peanut) and the texture is the same throughout so it’s just a bit hard work to eat.

I imagine this bar would go down well with small children as the taste is literally sugar. There’s a hint of coconut that comes through but that’s kind of it.


Sometimes you should just listen to the voice in your head and not go there.

The Verdict

Taste Score – 2/10
Cost – 35p (I thought this was a bargain at the time but now I feel ripped off)
Retailer –  My friendly local Wilko
Calories – One 35g bar contains 133 calories

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