Reese’s Rounds

What happens when you’re browsing in Poundland and you see this?

The colour of happiness

Day. Made.

These biscuits aren’t new, but I hadn’t tried them before, and as a fan of all things Reese’s I knew I had to buy them.

You get 6 in a pack, and they cost £1. Because, Poundland, duh. The pack is quite light so I could already tell the biscuits were going to be quite small.


They’re about the size of a Viscount biscuit, and each biscuit consists of a shortbread base and a pocket of Reese’s peanut butter. It’s not the same as the peanut butter you get in a Reese’s cup – it’s a little less thick, but it’s still got that delicious Reese’s taste – not too sweet and not too salty.


The chocolate is another matter, but for those familiar with Reese’s products it will come as no surprise that it’s not the best quality chocolate in the world. That dampens the enjoyment a little but this is still a really tasty biscuit and fills that peanut butter void in your day.

I’d definitely buy these again if I came across them, and I understand they are being sold in lots of different retailers in the UK now. But I wouldn’t pick them over a Reese’s cup – the PB holy grail!

The Verdict

Taste Score – 6/10
Cost – £1.00
Retailer –  Poundland
Calories – 96 calories per biscuit

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