Aero Heavenly Mousse

I spied these whilst doing an online shop and assumed they were standard size chocolate mousses. However, when they arrived they’re in quite a big pot – somewhere between an individual chocolate mousse pot and an ice cream container.

Battle of the mousses

Aero has produced these in two different flavours – Milk Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel sauce and hazelnuts, and Salted Caramel Mousse with caramel sauce and pecan nuts.

Each pot contains 3 servings which is really weird. I guess Aero are trying to get in on the sharing desserts market but let’s face it, people are just going to buy these and eat the whole thing because they’re pretty airy and light, so I can imagine you could eat a lot without realising.

So yeah these are basically the texture of a chocolate mousse, but with some sauce mixed in. If you were blindfolded I don’t think you’d be able to detect the presence of the sauce as it blends into the taste of the rest of the mousse. You definitely can’t taste the salt of the salted caramel sauce.


There’s also some chopped nuts mixed in, which I was looking forward to. There is a fair sprinkling of them in there, so you get a nice amount with each bite. But because they’ve been sat in a wet mousse for a while, they’ve gone a little bit soggy and are kind of a chewy unpleasant texture.

My favourite of the two was the chocolate mousse, which wasn’t too sweet. But the salted caramel mousse LITERALLY just tasted like butterscotch instant whip. Which is great if you like that, but you can buy it in Tesco for like, 10p. I found it overly sweet.

I’ve read conflicting reviews though, where people have said they prefer the salted caramel flavour. Have you tried them? What do you think?


The pot says ‘Curl up on the sofa, relax and enjoy Aero Heavenly. A velvety chocolate mousse with swirls of salted caramel and finely chopped hazelnuts’. That’s great and all but…Ben & Jerry’s anyone?!

The Verdict

Taste Score – 3/10
Cost – £1.25 each, special offer
Retailer –  Sainsburys
Calories – 114 calories per third of a pot (as if you’re going to stop there)



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