Lidl Duff Beer

Duff Beer! I unfortunately rarely make it to our local Lidl which is a shame because I should go and see what they have on offer, but my boyfriends parents are regular customers and came home with a few cans of Duff Beer last week – Homer Simpson’s favourite.

The Real Deal

So is it all that? Well, to be honest, no. It’s great for the novelty value – what with Father’s Day coming up and all that – but the taste isn’t amazing.

It’s a 4.9% lager, but the taste is fairly bland and gassy. It goes flat quickly and isn’t particularly tasty.

It’s described as:

‘Brewed in Germany by the brewery of Eschwege monastery, this Legendary Duff Beer is a pils with a “yellow as Homer” robe topped by a fine and persistent white head. On the nose, you will find aromas of malt, cereals, caramel, straw and herbaceous notes.

In the mouth, you will find flavours of cereal, hops and slight fruity notes. This finish is bitter with notes of straw. A beer to taste very cool in its Duff pint while watching your favorite series!’


So – why don’t you judge for yourself?

The Verdict

Taste Score – 6/10 It’s drinkable once but maybe not again!
Cost – £1.25 per can
Retailer –  Lidl

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