Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn – Salted Caramel

Metcalfe’s have blessed us with another new flavour in the form of Salted Caramel popcorn. This of course makes sense as everything nowadays has that sweet/salty combo going on. That’s no bad thing – it’s delicious!


On first opening this pack you get a lovely deep sweet waft. There’s 3 serving per pack at 25g each. I’ve taken the liberty of measuring this to show you exactly how much you can have for just 114 calories – quite a lot!


I found this popcorn to be really tasty. It’s got an upfront flavour of demerara sugar, which makes sense when you look at the ingredients where demerera is listed. Interestingly, this popcorn also uses Stevia as a sweetener which maybe renders it lower calorie than if they purely used cane sugar.

I wouldn’t say this popcorn tastes especially of salted caramel but more a deep sugary taste with a little salt thrown in.

Overall I really liked this popcorn – maybe not as much as the traditional sweet and salty but it’s certainly a good flavour and gives something different! A good low calorie, high volume option!

The Verdict

Taste Score – 8/10
Cost – £1.49
Retailer –  Sainsburys
Calories – 114 calories per one third of a bag



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