Co-operative Belgian Milk Chocolate, Toffee & Pecan Popcorn

I’m on a popcorn tip again!

La la la, ignore the red & yellow intake warnings

Co-op have made this delicious sounded ‘irresistible, hand-crafted’ popcorn. How could I say no?

It’s described in great detail on the pack:

‘Our air popped corn is mushroom shaped (excuse me?) and smooth – perfect for drenching in an even coat of thick toffee, before chunky pieces of pecan are added.

Once the toffee-covered corn cools into an iceberg-like sheet, creamy Belgian chocolate is drizzled on my hand.

Those same hands (whose hands?) then smash the sheet into pieces of delicious popcorn. Unsurprisingly our taste team love it.

Because Irresistible shouldn’t come easy.’

Poetic, huh?

Bit low on the chocolate at the top of the pack!

So to the product – it’s quite a smallish bag which I guess is supposed to reflect the indulgent nature of the product. You get 100g all in all.

The popcorn itself if reminiscent of Butterkist – you get a thick-ish layer of toffee coating it which sticks in your teeth a little. It’s lovely, however. And the chocolate drizzled on is really lovely, high quality stuff. Overall, I really enjoyed the pack and ate it all in one go. Oops.

The only small issue is that, I guess, the chocolate and the pecans are heavier than the popcorn itself, they seem to naturally drift to the bottom of the pack. So the top of the pack is fairly pecan/chocolate light, but you do end up with a delicious little crunchy chocolatey mix at the bottom of the pack. Maybe I should have shaken before eating and it would have been a more even experience!

No unpopped corn too – always nice when you don’t have to worry about breaking your teeth.

The Verdict

Taste Score – 8/10
Cost – £1.00, on special offer
Retailer –  Co-operative
Calories – 399 calories for a full bag

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