Nestle Butterfinger Cups

Ooh I was so excited to learn from the blogosphere that Nestle have decided to bring Butterfinger products to the UK. Yes ma’am. Just the packaging takes me back to holidays in the US when I was younger, and my total astonishment at how many peanut butter based treats are available over there compared to the UK. I really don’t know why the US PB obsession is only just seeming to reach us now!

I picked up both flavours in the range from ASDA – Peanut Butter and the less traditional but definitely more than welcome coconut flavour.

My kitchen worktop letting the side down again, why can’t I have a nice background like other bloggers

Each pack contains 4 cups, but they don’t have the little wrappers on that Reese’s cups do. I actually prefer that, because you know when you’re trying to take that little wrapper off the Reese’s cup and little slivers of chocolate come off, and then you don’t notice and they fall in your crotch and you stand up and have a telltale little melted chocolate patch on your trousers? First world problems.

These four cups are ‘to share’. Lol. PLEASE.

Anyway, both cups are a pleasant texture – the peanut butter one has some little tiny crunchy pieces in it which give it a bit of texture. And then coconut cups have some traces of desiccated coconut in them. Other than that, the filling of each is quite smooth.


One of the most notable things about these cups is how sweet they are. Personally I enjoyed it, but we’re talking next level sweetness compared to similar products on the market.

Nestle aren’t using real chocolate in these cups for some reason. A little disappointing, but it doesn’t tarnish the flavour at all.

All in all, I really enjoyed these products. The peanut butter cup is similar to other products out there, but I would never complain about more peanut butter on the shelves. But the coconut cup really offers something a bit more unique. I always feel there’s such a lack of coconut chocolate bars out there. Bounties are a classic but it’s great to have something new!

The Verdict

Taste Score – 8/10 for both
Cost – £1.00 per pack
Retailer –  ASDA
Calories – 122 calories in 1 coconut cup, 116 in 1 peanut cup

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