Marshmallow Mateys – Cheap and Cheerful Lucky Charms

Oh how I love Lucky Charms. They’re so delicious and sickly sweet, but so expensive, I can never justify buying them.

So when I was having a quick browse in our local B & M Stores the other day I was surprised to see a brand called Marshmallow Mateys that I had never heard of, for more than £1 cheaper than Lucky Charms, but looked exactly the same!

It’s kind of a no brainer

I picked up a pack, assuming they were cheaper because they’re produced in the UK. But nope – turns out Marshmallow Mateys are produced in Minnesota and have been around since 1965.

They taste almost exactly the same as Lucky Charms. Literally the only difference I could see was that Marshmallow Mateys have double the amount of iron in them. So basically, they’re healthier, as if you needed an excuse.


There’s a good amount of marshmallow pieces in this cereal, and as with Lucky Charms, a small bowl is enough to give you a pretty crazy sugar high.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a B & M in your vicinity, I suggest getting down there and picking up a pack. They also have quite a few different american sweets and treats in there – I may have picked up a few others which I will blog about sharpish!

Check out that marshmallow spread

The Verdict

Taste Score – 9/10

Retailer – B & M Stores

Cost – £2.29

Calories – 120 calories per 30g serving, without milk


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