Make Your Own Smores with B & M Stores

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up a couple of American classic snacks yesterday and B & M Stores, including a little ‘Make Your Own Smores’ kit which was massively overpriced but I couldn’t resist because it’s such a cute idea and also, I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a Smore before (I KNOW)?!

Yay! If only I had a campfire!

So in this set you get:

  • 5 mini teeny weeny chocolate bars
  • 10 marshmallows
  • 5 sweet crackers (I think in America these are called graham crackers)
  • 2 little wooden sticks


The instructions say that these Smores can either be made indoors in the microwave, or outdoors on a bonfire/BBQ, which is where the sticks come into the equation. However, as it’s the height of summer and I live in an upstairs flat, the microwave option seemed the best one to me.

The branding on the outside of the pack says ‘Original American’ but on further inspection on the back of the pack you can see that this product was made for B & M Stores in the UK.

So, how do you make these wondrous creations? First of all, you break a cracker in half, and top with the mini chocolate bar on a plate. You then place the two marshmallows on top. And you have something that looks like this:


Now, at this stage you’re going to be thinking: this smore is SMALL. But never fear. Once you pop it in the microwave, the marshmallows puff up to over double the size and get all gooey and delicious. One might also say that there is a slight discrepancy between the amount of chocolate you get and the marshmallow – but I guess that’s what you get when you buy a pre-prepared pack.

Once puffed up to your liking, take out of the microwave,place the other cracker on top and eat. I’ve gotta say – these things are delicious. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never properly had a smore before but I really loved how chewy and gooey the marshmallow went, the texture of the crackers and the other components all mixed together, and the just melted warm chocolate.


My only complaint would be that at £2.99 a pack, you could spend your money on buying the same ingredients in a big supermarket and have enough to make 10-12 smores, whereas you can only get 5 out of this pack.

N.B – Also, what does smore mean? I’ve been thinking the whole time I’ve been writing this, what does it stand for? Let me Google this. Ah ok:

‘No one knows for sure who invented the s’more. However, the first published recipe for “some mores” was in a 1927 publication called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Loretta Scott Crew, who made them for Girl Scouts by the campfire, is given credit for the recipe.’ –

Thanks girl scouts!

The Verdict

Taste Score – 9/10

Price – £2.99

Retailer – B & M Stores

Calories – 104 per smore


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