Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

I’ve seen Hippeas around for quite a while now, but never got round to trying them. I got my hands on a mini taster pack though the other day, and thought I’d give them a go.


So my impressions of Hippeas are (and these are literally based on the packaging) that they are organic chickpea puffs, they are all-natural, cos you know…they’re called Hippeas…they are ‘high in fibre and a source of protein’ because it says that on the pack, and they’re good if you’re a cool kid because they list ‘good vibes’ as an ingredient (eye roll) and they have this little guy on the back. Which I kind of love.


There’s a few flavours in the Hippeas range:

  • Cheese and love
  • Pepper Power
  • In Herbs we Trust
  • Far out Fajita
  • Sweet & Smokin’

I picked up a pack of the In Herbs we Trust. On the back it says:

‘We don’t follow the rest of the snack pack. We go our own way. We think ‘tastes good’ and ‘do good’ can be in the same sentence. And we like, totally, love snacks. Join us to change things for the better, one chickpea at a time.’

Now, I usually love all things chickpea. I think it might be my favourite type of pea. But these crisps are just okay. They’re shaped like a cheesy wotsit, but taste like if cheesy wotsits had a really plain, boring cousin. They’re very crispy and airy, so they sort of melt in your mouth like a skip might. They kind of remind me of crisps that are designed for toddlers and you find in the baby food aisle, you know? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one whose eaten toddler crisps?

Oh you know just another healthy lunch, with Hippeas pictured top left

The taste is pleasant – herby. The main taste is oregano and rosemary. I do appreciate that the ingredients listed are all things that I recognise and are healthy and they’re a nice, natural, low calorie snack. Although I don’t think they’re particularly filling as they almost fizz away to nothing on your tongue.

My pack was a sample, so 11g worth, but a full pack contains over double that amount.

Would I eat them again? Maybe, I’d like to try the different flavours and see if the others are a bit more potent. All in all, an interesting idea, but the end product maybe isn’t particularly exciting.

The Verdict

Taste Score – 3/10 for the ‘In Herbs we Trust’ flavour

Cost – I was given a free sample pack, but you can purchase them for £2.29 a pack in Waitrose, £1.19 in Holland and Barrett

Retailer – Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Co-Op and probably most big retailers

Calories – One serving at 22g is 91 calories.



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