Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk

I’m a fan of all things Alpro after going vegan for a month or so a while back. Now, I’m seriously not vegan – but I have carried on having Alpro soy milk in my tea and Alpro yoghurt instead of the dairy stuff. Although it’s slightly less creamy, it’s still delicious and I swear if you did a blind taste test you couldn’t tell that it’s dairy free.

I picked this Alpro coconut chocolate milk yesterday in Waitrose when the weather was absolutely boiling and I wanted something nice and cool.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because I don’t like coconut water. I can’t actually believe how bad it tastes. But as the main ingredient in this is coconut milk (after water) this drink is lovely and sweet and has none of the salty taste of coconut water.

It’s a really nice smooth texture too and quite thin, not as thick as a dairy milk drink. I think this makes it much more refreshing and it went down really well on a day pushing 30 degrees! And there’s a really nice balance between the chocolate/coconut flavours – neither is overpowering.

I might even pick this over a dairy milk drink next time I want to pick up something quickly. It’s really nice!

I believe you can also buy this in large 1 litre packs too, which would be fab for putting in your porridge or making popsicles.


The Verdict

Taste Score – 8/10

Cost – £1.00

Retailer – Waitrose

Calories – 40 calories per 100ml, 135 calories for the whole carton


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