Cadbury Caramel Roundies

Cadburys have introduced a new biscuit to the UK – a Roundie! Cute name!


Apparently these are already big in Australia. And seeing as Australians have impeccable taste in biscuits (Tim Tams) I was hoping these would be just as delicious.

They are described as:

Light crispy caramel flavour wafer layers covered in delicious milk chocolate’

You get 5 in a pack and let me tell you, Cadbury’s have gone fancy with these biscuits. Each individual biscuit is wrapped in silver foil to give you that fancy experience. Each biscuit is quite big too – almost 3 inches across.

I say

Although this flavour is labelled as caramel, the taste is very much sweeter – almost like a honey flavour, which is quite nice. There also seems to be very little of it within the biscuit – so you get a dry snap when you  break the biscuits open.

Overall, the chocolate coating of the biscuit is delicious and thick enough to be satisfying, but the rest of the biscuit is quite dry with layers of wafer throughout. They might be nicer with a little more caramel – or perhaps I should try the original flavour for a bit more chocolate.

For those of you that prefer things a little less sweet, Cadbury’s also produce a dark chocolate version.


The Verdict

Taste Score – 7/10

Price – £1.00

Retailer – Sainsburys (And they’re currently offering them for free at with a voucher at the checkout)

Calories – 158 calories per biscuit


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