Holy Moly Dips

You might have read a couple of weeks ago now I took a trip to the Taste of London festival, where I was lucky enough to meet the folks from Holy Moly Dips – purveyors of 100% natural guacamole.

I started following them on Instagram and a few days later they put up a Fathers Day competition where the winner would take home their range of products. I happened to be the lucky winner and received this parcel of avocado joy at my door the next day:


So naturally, I thought I’d do a taste test and a review for you guys as these dips are a little different to whats currently on the market.

First of all – how much do you love their branding?! I think it makes them really stand out!


Holy Moly was borne out of the annoying fact that when you want to buy ready made guac on the supermarket shelves, it almost always contains loads of preservatives to prolong its shelf life. Most supermarkets also seem to like to add dairy products as it renders the guac more creamy (and cheaper to produce), which is bad news for our vegan and lactose intolerant friends.

Holy Moly contains none of that rubbish. It comes in 3 flavours at the moment. Let me give you a rundown:

  • 100% Pure – Pure avocado, smashed and ready for anything. 100% ripe Hass avocado.
  • Saintly Original – 87% ripe Hass avocado, tomato, red onion, jalapeno chilli, lime juice from concentrate, salt, dried coriander, garlic puree
  • Devilishly Hot – 83% Hass avocado, japaleno chilli, red onion, red bell pepper, tomato, salt, lime juice from concentrate, dried coriander, garlic puree.

These dips are vegan, kosher, gluten free and dairy free.


I tried each one and here’s my verdict:

  • 100% Pure – Obviously this is just smashed up avocado. This provides a nice base to add whatever you like to make your own killer guac, or put in other recipes. I added salt and coriander for a nice simple dip. Personally speaking, I found my particular pack was a little lumpy in texture which did make me question whether it would not just be better for me to buy an avocado and mash it myself. But the taste is good and it’s certainly filling a gap in the market.
  • Saintly Original – Really nice tasting guacamole, quite smooth in texture, and not too strong on the onion or tomato. I loved this guac and it was definitely my favourite of the three!
  • Devilishly Hot – As tends to be the case with lots of mass produced products that claim to be hot n’ spicy, this guac didn’t really live up to the claim. But as someone who finds a vegetable korma more than hot enough, I was really pleased. There is definitely a chilli taste, and it leaves a pleasant warmth in your mouth and the back of your throat, but it won’t blow your head off by any means.
L-R 100% Pure, Saintly Original, Devilishly Hot

I’m a weirdo so I literally ate the three flavours plain out of little pots. But obviously there’s a lot more you could do with these babies – have yourself a hipster brunch of avo on toast with a poached egg, put them in a smoothie, spoon on top of nachos or put inside a baked potato. I’m looking forward to having more of them over the next few days!

Currently, you can find Holy Moly Dips at Waitrose (£2.79 each), Ocado, Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. As they don’t contain preservatives they don’t last for quite as long as other dip brands, but for the taste I think they’re well worth it.


The Verdict

Taste Score – 100% Pure 7/10, Saintly Original 9/10, Devilishly Hot 8/10

Price – £2.79 for 150g

Retailers – As above

Calories – 143 calories per 100g (Saintly Original)


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