Holy Moly Dips

You might have read a couple of weeks ago now I took a trip to the Taste of London festival, where I was lucky enough to meet the folks from Holy Moly Dips - purveyors of 100% natural guacamole. I started following them on Instagram and a few days later they put up a Fathers... Continue Reading →


Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk

I'm a fan of all things Alpro after going vegan for a month or so a while back. Now, I'm seriously not vegan - but I have carried on having Alpro soy milk in my tea and Alpro yoghurt instead of the dairy stuff. Although it's slightly less creamy, it's still delicious and I swear... Continue Reading →

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

I've seen Hippeas around for quite a while now, but never got round to trying them. I got my hands on a mini taster pack though the other day, and thought I'd give them a go. So my impressions of Hippeas are (and these are literally based on the packaging) that they are organic chickpea... Continue Reading →

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