Lidl Duff Beer

Duff Beer! I unfortunately rarely make it to our local Lidl which is a shame because I should go and see what they have on offer, but my boyfriends parents are regular customers and came home with a few cans of Duff Beer last week - Homer Simpson's favourite. So is it all that? Well,... Continue Reading →


Aero Heavenly Mousse

I spied these whilst doing an online shop and assumed they were standard size chocolate mousses. However, when they arrived they're in quite a big pot - somewhere between an individual chocolate mousse pot and an ice cream container. Aero has produced these in two different flavours - Milk Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel sauce... Continue Reading →

Reese’s Rounds

What happens when you're browsing in Poundland and you see this? Day. Made. These biscuits aren't new, but I hadn't tried them before, and as a fan of all things Reese's I knew I had to buy them. You get 6 in a pack, and they cost £1. Because, Poundland, duh. The pack is quite... Continue Reading →

Candyland Chewy Nougat Bar

I'm more of a chocolate person than a sweeties person, but I saw this bar today in Wilkinson's and thought - you know what? I've been my whole life without trying this stalwart of the sweet aisle. Let's give it a go in the name of science. This 35g bar doesn't include much description but... Continue Reading →

Cofresh Cornflake Mix

Another find from the international section of the supermarket - Cofresh Cornflake Mix. I love a bit of Bombay Mix as an evening snack with a glass of wine, so it's nice to see a different variation on this theme. You get a nice big bag too, so perfect for nibble with friends. So are... Continue Reading →

Cocon Mango Pudding

I found this little gem in the international section of our big Tesco supermarket. I love the international aisle because there's always such a wealth of new and exciting products to be found, and you can always find grocery staples like coconut milk and big bags and spices for less than half the price of... Continue Reading →

Lucky Charms Treats Bar

What says deliciousness better than a king size artificially flavoured marshmallow bar? I love Lucky Charms. I'd eat anything with Lucky Charms in it. I love how when you leave the cereal in the bowl for too long it turns the milk and unappetizing grey/green colour. The sickeningly sweet flavour that borders on saccharine. The... Continue Reading →

Congratulations Pringles! You Did It!

Everyone loves Pringles. But one thing I've always felt that they lack is consistency.  When I eat a Pringle, all I ask for is that each bite is as delicious as the last. No dud bites! Is that so hard?! Well worry not Pringle lovers, because Pringles have embarked on a new campaign to ensure that... Continue Reading →

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